Great Walk In Tubs For The Elderly or Handicapped

Walk in bathtubs are the latest invention in bathroom technology and are not just for seniors and the elderly anymore.  These bathtubs that have a drop down door that allows one to simply stroll into the bathtub. They are not only luxurious but safe because bathtubs can be slippery which makes them dangerous to hurdle over. The door is completely water tight when closed so bathing resumes without a hitch.

It is really healthy to use walk in bathtubs because slipping becomes a thing of the past. The depth of the bathtub is significantly increased meaning that more buoyancy is experienced when the tub is full. Hydrotherapy is thus now completely possible helping to relax your limbs and tightened muscles.

When the walk in tub is fully fitted with spa accessories, a wholesome therapy experience can be had right at home every day. Water jets are used to relax the major muscle groups taking away the ravages of the day’s activities.  Again, because of the depth of a walk in bathtub, more spa accessories can be fitted without making a mess in the bathroom.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Owning a Walk in Tub

Walk in bathtubs may have been initially made for the elderly because older people strain with extraneous movements in the bathroom. Many of them find the shower to be risky or wasteful on water since they cannot move fast. For those that need to be assisted bathing, it is less physically demanding for their assistants to get them into the bath tub.

All this being true, walk in bath tubs have brought more benefits than saving hips from being broken. Many people find it easier to bath their kids in a walk in tub. Sometimes it is a battle to get a child cleaned when he fights back. It can even be risky in any other bathtub but not in a deep walk in bathtub. The same is true for pets when they are being shampooed yet they may not understand the concept of remaining in the tub.

Any person who is sick or injured will appreciate a walk in tub in the house and so will anybody who has to assist them. The walk in feature makes it definitely more accessible to disabled persons than anything else that the market has to offer. It is safer to have two people or a couple of kids in a walk in bathtub than in a regular one.  A walk in bathtubs is one of those fittings that may last well after your retirement.

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