What are some of the Major Benefits of Purchasing a Walk in Bathtub?

benefits of owning a walk in bathtubWhat’s the one thing you would love to do when you get home after a long and tiring day? Is it a nice warm bath? Some of us may not be able to enjoy that soothing bath due to age or a physical impairment. Luckily, bath tub manufacturers designed what is commonly known as a walk in tub. This specialized tub offers a safe bathing solution for people who couldn’t have a shower without aid. Walk in tubs come with a host of advantages.

    • Relieves joint and muscle pain: The body weighs much less when it is submerged in water. This reduction in body weight causes a relief of muscle, ligament and joint aches. That is why people who have conditions like arthritis and constant back pain can really benefit from this bathing solution. Unlike the traditional tub, walk in tubs and showers also have air and water jets. These jets massage all part of the body.
    • Increases blood flow: When soaking in a tub, the warm water that passes near your skin opens up the capillaries enhancing blood flow. Once the capillaries dilate, the toxins can be removed adequately from your body because of the improved circulation. This leads to an improved metabolism and digestion.
    • Alleviates anxiety: Walk in tubs which have hydrotherapy features can be used to relieve stress. The warm relaxing bath helps the body to produce endorphins which are considered natural pain killers. Endorphins are released when your body is in total relaxation mode and they can actually counteract the effects of stress or anxiety. Those people who usually have headaches due to tension or stress can take a warm nice bath in a walk in tub to experience some relief.
    • Promotes great sleep: Other than that, soaking in a walk in tub can lead to better sleep. When the body is at ease, you are able to rest and have your beauty sleep. A warm bath is considered a very valuable remedy for those who have trouble sleeping. This is because soaking in warm soothing water increases body temperature, soothes the muscles and joints allowing the body to completely relax on its own. Bear in mind that these walk in tubs come with a complete set of hydrotherapy features like air and water jets which also massage the body to help the user relax.
  • Enhances bathroom independence: Most importantly, walk in tubs allow people who don’t have the mobility to enjoy a private bathing time, to do so on their own. Many people are unable to take a bath on their own because of a physical issue. With walk in tubs, it becomes easier for someone to move around the tub area- due to the strategically placed grab bars. It is also safe for the user to shower without any assistance because walk in tubs are designed with important safety features like low step-in entry, anti slip floors, slip resistant handles as well as a leak proof entry door. These features are not present in traditional bath tubs. Visit best walk in tubs by Custom Care or you can also stop by safe walk in tubs for seniors for more information.